VIP Privileges

How do I gain a HYSSES VIP membership?

Approach any of our friendly staff to fill out a membership form and you can start enjoying your member benefits immediately. Terms & Conditions apply.

How long is the VIP membership valid for?

Your HYSSES VIP membership never expires. As long as you have been registered or upgraded to a VIP status, you will always be our VIP. Do note that VIPs who have not made a purchase in five years will be marked as “inactive”. To become an active member again, simply make a purchase or inform us!

How do I redeem my Birthday month discount?

Head down to any HYSSES boutiques and approach any of our friendly staff to utilise your one-time 20% Birthday Month discount. You will need to present your identity card, or NRIC for verification purposes.

Terms & Conditions apply.

I was overseas during my birthday month; may I still redeem my birthday month discount?

Extensions for the birthday month discount benefit are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Members who wish to extend their birthday month discount can send an email to with a valid reasons and supporting documents (e.g. flight ticket). Extensions of birthday month discount will only be validated upon approval by HYSSES.

May I allow my family member/friend to redeem my birthday month discount on my behalf?

Yes. Before your friend or family member is able to redeem your birthday discount on your behalf, please head down to any outlet to request for an authorisation form. Once completed, your friend or family member may redeem your birthday month discount on your behalf.

Alternatively, you may wish to email to request for a soft copy of the form and we will be able to authorise your birthday month redemption once the form has been submitted together with all necessary documents.

What is HYSSES $?


HYSSES $  are rebates with monetary value given to VIP members who have made purchases in our boutiques. HYSSES $ can be used to offset subsequent purchases in the future. HYSSES $ are valid for 12 months from point of accumulation and expire after which.

How do I accumulate HYSSES $

HYSSES $ are calculated with 2 decimal places, rounded down.

VIPs enjoy a 1% rebate
E.g. Spend SGD $100 = HYSSES $1; Spend SGD $10 = HYSSES $0.10

When do my HYSSES $ expire?

HYSSES $ expire 12 months after the date of transaction.

How do I redeem HYSSES $?

HYSSES $ redemption can be done at our physical boutiques. The member must present his or her NRIC for verification at point of sale as HYSSES $ can only be redeemed by the member in person.

The balance in the HYSSES $ can be utilised to offset the total bill from the purchase.

How do I check my HYSSES $ balance?

Our membership portal is currently offline. You may visit any of our boutiques and our staff will be able to inform you of your latest HYSSES $ balance. Otherwise, you may also send an email to to request for an update.