Antique Lamp Nebuliser


  • Ceramic, Black
  • Ceramic, White
  • Mahogany



AUTO OFF FUNCTION This nebuliser features a two-hour cycle of misting for 1 minutes and pausing for 2 minutes. The misting function automatically switches off automatically after its two-hour cycle. As a safety feature, the misting function will also automatically stop when the oil volume is insufficient.

AROMA NEBULISER PARTS Glass Tip · Glass Chamber · Nebuliser Base · 12V DC Power Adapter (Type C) · Warranty Card

How To


  1. Remove glass chamber from base. To pour essential oil in, tilt the glass chamber (and use the glass funnel if provided).
  2. Use 30 – 40 drops of pure essential oil only. Avoid dilutions or compositions (water or jojoba oil). To prevent damage to the nebuliser, oil volume should not exceed the midpoint of the inner misting stem within the glass chamber.
  3. Remove funnel after the pouring of oil. Always wipe the outer glass in case of oil spillage from damaging the rubber tubing in the base.
  4. Insert the glass chamber to the base by slowly pushing downwards and rotating slightly as you go.
  5. Connect the provided adapter to the base and plug into an electrical outlet.
  6. Turn the dial clockwise to adjust the diffusion strength and intensity. To switch off your nebuliser, turn the dial anti-clockwise until it clicks into off-mode.


  1. Remove glass tip from glass chamber. Remove glass chamber from the base. Handle with care.
  2. Swirl 3 ~ 10 ml of Cleaning Solution in the glass chamber several times before discarding the contents. Repeat until glass is clean. To clean the glass tip, submerge in cleaning solution until clean. You may also switch on the machine with 3 ~ 10ml of cleaning solution in the chamber for a few minutes.
  3. Leave the glass tip and chamber to dry completely before placing back into the base.


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