Our Story

who we are

we care about what we use

Our beginnings started from a simple wish of sharing nature’s gifts with the world through essential oils and natural aromatherapy products.

HYSSES (乡术, meaning ‘arts from the village’) embodies a pure and authentic sense of preserving nature, heritage and appreciation for the native communities that have helped shape and broaden our journey. Like the unique DNA of every plant and composition of every sandstone, HYSSES was created organically and inspired by the wisdom of nature.

We scour the many corners of the earth to bring you the best of East and West, handpicking our ingredients from native sources where they thrive under naturally optimum environments and the seasoned hands of indigenous people. Each HYSSES product is consciously designed to honour its quality as much as it pays tribute to its roots to deliver the treasures of the earth into your hands.

what we promise

we keep it natural

We take pride to ensure our products contain only natural botanical and bioactive ingredients to provide healing therapy and nourishment for the skin and hair. Our formulas avoid harmful toxins or synthetic silicones to ensure the skin is receiving real treatment and not cover-ups.

no toxins and carcinogens
no SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate)
no parabens
✕ no paraffin
✕ no silicones
✕ no petrochemicals
✕ no artificial colours
✕ no synthetic fragrances
✕ no animal testing!

how we do it

from start to finish

experience nature from the source

Bypassing middle-men traders, we work closely with farmers for eco-friendly ingredients such as peppermint, lemongrass,yuzu, eucalyptus, and rose.

From harvesting to distilling, bottling, and delivery, we preserve the freshness in all our ingredients as though they were harvested right under your nose.

research & development

SCENT FORMULATION - A team of noses are the creative brains behind each unique scent, blending essential oils from various harvests for the perfect scent.

SKINCARE FORMULATION Driven by passion, our scientists are conscientiously producing new formulations and natural skincare products for the market.

exquisite design

Our dedicated in-house team maintains a keen eye for design that balances product authenticity, aesthetic finesse and practicality to bring you a product that you’ll be happy to display in your home.

Apart from scents and packaging, we design our burners and clay diffusers as well.