The name ‘HYSSES’ is an artistic take on the Chinese word for native village 乡 (hy). HYSSES’ ingredients such as the essentials, herbs, stones, earthenware are sourced directly from the villages. Our mission is to bring these gifts from nature through product creation for the modern city dwellers. HYSSES containing 乡 is the manifestation of  that purpose.


Other than the artistically transformation of 乡into an English word – HYSSES, the 乡 is manifested in the logo itself. This Ying and Yang where the eastern and western elements are both combined in the name are the characterization of the Asian’s belief in balance.

HYSSES is also named as 乡术, which means ‘arts from the village’.


This design element is derived from the microscopic view of a rice grain, as an abstract representation of Asian origin.

Rice is Asia’s staple food and pivotal to the way of life, culture, customs, traditions and spirituality. Asia has a great dependency on rice, with more than 90% of rice produced and consumed in Asia.

HYSSES Body products uses Rice Bran Oil as one of its core ingredients. This powerful natural ingredient is best known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The oil is extracted from a unique strain of rice – Oryza Sativa – containing three natural Vitamin Es, which provide natural moisturizing effects, sunscreen protection, and is ideal for skin care as it does not clog pores.


HYSSES love nature and believes it is critical to respect and protect the environment Our mandate to incorporate organic ingredients into our products formulation, not only serve to benefit mankind, and in return have considerable benefits for our environment. Each HYSSES product packaging features hand-drawn illustrations of botanical ingredients. Our design team takes on this conscientious endeavour by hand-sketching every single packaging, demonstrating our brand values behind genuine quality and high standards.   

The 2 pollinators (Hummingbirds, Butterfly) and dragonfly pollinating the hand-drawn botanical ingredients are the embodiment of a balanced ecosystem.

HYSSES loves animals thus no products are tested on animals except mankind. Our products are also free from animal ingredients.

Watch our Design and Conceptualization process here.